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After a tentative first couple of races, Charles Leclerc's form in the last two races has caught the eye of many observers in F1 and justified the hype which accompanied the runaway 2017 F2 champion …

18 May 2018   |  12:14 pm GMT  |  20 comments

Photos sent in by a spectator at the Spanish Grand Prix weekend in Barcelona, have shed light on how close F2 driver Tadasuke Makino came to a serious injury or worse in his accident with …

17 May 2018   |  9:07 pm GMT  |  182 comments

Mercedes' Valtteri Bottas edged out Ferrari's Antonio Giovinazzi for top spot in the second-and-final day of the Barcelona in-season test, posting the fastest time of the test. The test also saw some promising British drivers getting …

16 May 2018   |  6:03 pm GMT  |  33 comments

Red Bull's Max Verstappen posted a late lap on the supersoft tyres to narrowly beat Renault's Carlos Sainz and Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel to the top spot on the first day of F1 2018 in-season testing. Less …

15 May 2018   |  7:14 pm GMT  |  32 comments
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